About Us

QwamenssFace (QFace Group) is a fully owned Ghanaian Information Technology (I.T.) Consulting outfit registered in 2016 under The Registration of Business Names Act, 1962. The group is made up of young and creative I.T. experts who have gained adequate training and experience. We design and develop Database Management Systems, secured and cross interface web applications, graphic designs, sales and repairs of computers as well as provide consultancy services. We seek to provide I.T. solution to all class of businesses and organisations; Schools, Banks, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Industries etc. QFace Group is formed as a Partnership Company located at Ketan-Junction, behind Takoradi GridCo Sub-Station.

With over four (4) years of experience in the world of I.T., QFace Group strives to become the leading I.T. group in Ghana and beyond. We have worked with various governmental and non-governmental agencies and companies. We pride ourselves not merely in our technical proficiency, rather, in our integrity and ability to understand and communicate with each of our clients. As such, we anticipate to gain recognition throughout the nation within the shortest possible time.

Our Mission


At QFace Group, we understand what we do, thus we plan and approach every project with a touch of class and professionalism. We see to it that our work meet world class professional standards and ensure customer satisfaction. We uphold unto one believe, which is customer service at its best. This has been our mission for which we are in existence.